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Store is open now & accepting orders for Tumbler kits! Thanks for your patience!



Limited Tumbler kits in stock now and possibly the last batch forever! 

- Tumbler windshield re-designed because of discontinued lego elements. Looks the same as the original & has an extra angling feature! Download to picture PDF instructions & replace steps on page 12 of the instructions booklet.

- No Batmobile, Black OPs Gunship and RC Turbo tank available. Possibly later this year but we have no expect date yet. Please message us to be added on the waiting list.

- Instruction books available for all custom creations, see in "Store" at top menu. Parts can be purchased from Bricklink.com. XML parts list included, contains part #'s, colors & quantities for easy ordering. It will be emailed after payment. 

- lf you don't want to order parts yourself and still interested in a complete lego kit, please contact us. You'll be added on the waiting list & contacted when we expect to have any sets in stock.



- Custom Batcave, Camouflage Tumbler and The Bat are suspended due to lack of time.

- See custom Ninjago & StarCraft creations on our YouTube channel. More videos coming soon! These creations will not be sold. We might sell the only set we have in the future. If you're very interested, please message us to be added on the waiting list.



- All light kits are out of stock. Limited quantities of individual components available. For future stock, please message us to be added on the waiting list.


- Many popular themes such as the Simpsons, DC & Marvel Superheroes, TMNT, LEGO Movie, City, Ninjago & more!

- Large custom Ninjago creations - Golden Mech Dragon, Overlord Dragon, Traning Temple, Blacksmith shop & Battle arena - coming soon!

- Subscribe to our YouTube channel for videos & new releases! 

We hope you enjoy our work & thanks for your continued support!

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